What will you get in the Grand Restaurant?   Great food.  Celebrity uses a total of 14 menus for their line which the head chef can select from.  So, on seven day cruises the chef selects seven of the fourteen menus, for a 14 day cruise all menus are selected and for a longer cruise, menus are repeated.

This came up in a conversation I had with the head waiter.  On the last night it occurred to me that we had lobster and shrimp but no crab.  Since crab would be extremely popular on the Alaska cruises I started to wonder how the menu was selected and got the answer above.

Anyway, for our Century 7 day cruise we had the following menus:

day 1

The back page of all the menus is calorie, fat, cholesterol, and sodium counts.  I don't think many of you are really interested in that so I will just leave it off the remaining pages.

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5

day 6

day 7

Other menus

For those people who made it this far and want to see menus other than those in the dining room, there are numerous other menus to explore.  For example, while the Century does not have a specialty restaurant like most of the other Celebrity ships, I thought it appropriate to include the menu from the Olympic restaurant on the Millennium.  This is the ultimate in dining experiences.  The atmosphere and the intimacy of the Olympic is a step above that of the main dining room (if that is possible).  There is an additional charge for the Olympic but one should consider it as not only a dining experience but also as a full night of entertainment.  The meal lasts for three hours as you are carried from one course to another.


If you want a more relaxed eating experience than the main dining room or if you miss your seating due to other things you want to do, one alternative is to eat in the Sky Bar.  The Sky Bar menu is similar to that in the main dining room and you do have wait staff to assist you (rather than the do-it-yourself buffet).  These are the future waiters for the main dining room.  They are given Celebrity training in the Sly Bar prior to getting full time duties in the main dining room.  A very interesting - and professional - approach to training!

For those who are more interested in drinking than eating, here is the drink menu from the bar.

Or if you are a bit more adventurous, here is the martini selection from the Martini Bar.


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